Hearts—strong, loving, joyful and whimsical, but never saccharine— peppered Lucia Eames’s work, whether of metal or paper. Two designs stand out: Heart Table—with a single heart bound by a narrow circular band interplaying with the resultant negative space—and Seeing with the Heart—originally a cutout to be used as a paperweight, ornament or table decor, and later an exhibition name and logo.  In June of 2022, Lucia Eames’s work excited many during Milan Design Week.

The prevalence of the heart motif in Lucia Eames’s work was prodigious.  Nearly one-third of the pages in her Artwork Archive contain a heart—either acting as a frame within which multiple motifs interact or as a form for which other elements explode—and over 1,200 pages of her 7,000 Steno Pad pages contain at minimum one heart.