Butterflies! So many and all so different!  118 hand-cut from what most of us toss into our recycle bin: magazine pages, annual reports, brown paper magazine wrappers, envelopes . . . Butterflies—all inspired by the memories of swarms of monarch butterflies resting in the Eames House meadow during their migration path. Butterflies—all cut free-hand—each side […]


Hearts—strong, loving, joyful and whimsical, but never saccharine— peppered Lucia Eames’s work, whether of metal or paper. Two designs stand out: Heart Table—with a single heart bound by a narrow circular band interplaying with the resultant negative space—and Seeing with the Heart—originally a cutout to be used as a paperweight, ornament or table decor, and […]


Lucia Eames studied calligraphy as a member of The Friends of Calligraphy; she enjoyed taking workshops in San Francisco and even involved two of her daughters. Her alphabet, monogram and word studies presented far more than rote practice of forms; they exuded a rhythm and artistry imbued with elegance, humor, and playfulness. Her ebullient lettering—festive […]


The wonders of the natural world intrigued Lucia Eames and compelled her to capture this delights on paper.  Her gift to us is her joy, marvel and hope. Over a period of 20 years, Lucia Eames personalized nearly 200 spiral-bound Steno Books—all 6” x 9”—with writings and drawings.  Although not every book (each with 80 […]


Nearly 200 of Lucia Eames’s Steno Books, personalized over 2 decades, abounded with writings—notes, journaling, lists and musings—intermixed with abundant drawings in ink and/or pencil (less common were colored pencils and markers). Despite creating over 7,200 pages of drawings, Lucia Eames explored what amounted to less than 50 categories of motifs—one striking example: flags.  While […]


Lucia Eames once wrote, “Even on the darkest days, the sun illuminates our lives—all who can need only look lovingly at the commonplace.”   For two decades, Lucia Eames explored the sun motif in her Steno Book line work. She created well over 500 unique suns—a few were anthropomorphized (with faces), but most were skillfully […]