Nearly 200 of Lucia Eames’s Steno Books, personalized over 2 decades, abounded with writings—notes, journaling, lists and musings—intermixed with abundant drawings in ink and/or pencil (less common were colored pencils and markers).

Despite creating over 7,200 pages of drawings, Lucia Eames explored what amounted to less than 50 categories of motifs—one striking example: flags.  While it might not seem significant to hear that 178 Steno Book pages contained at least one flag, many pages held many more than one.  A  memorable page holds 23.

Lucia Eames’s flags progressed far beyond that of designs or patterns on paper.  Some were sewn from rough burlap or softer, more elegant material.  While heir use was varied, most hung as 

room dividers or celebrations of a holiday or an event (wedding or Garden Show), or as part of a game.  While one hung from a tree to celebrate Easter, and others from beams—whether inside or outside—some, in the end, adorned her own walls.