Lucia Eames did occasionally sew—most spectacular were her design and execution of large fabric banners.  She also engaged in embroidery—whether directly onto clothing or on pieces of fabric anchored by an embroidery hoop. We only know of a few needlepoint pieces that she designed and created.  Of these four examples, the finished pin cushion was […]


Lucia Eames’s interest in weaving endured throughout her lifetime; even as a young mother, she owned a loom.  Much later, she foraged grasses, thin branches and other natural materials to weave into tributes to the found object; they often were displayed on her walls. Furthermore, she wove stunning amalgamations from thinly cut strips of paper, […]

Banner & Flags

While Lucia Eames sketched many flags in her Steno Books, at times one to a page and at the times up to 23, she also designed and sewed flags and banners from rough burlap or softer, more elegant material.   Over time, their use was varied. Early on, after her arrival in San Francisco, some […]