Steno Books, filled with writings and drawings by Lucia Eames over a two-decade period, served as the test ground for her development of a vocabulary of nearly 50 motifs.   For lack of a better word, when we began scanning and tagging Lucia Eames’s Steno Books, we came across a number of images that appeared […]


Hearts—strong, loving, joyful and whimsical, but never saccharine— peppered Lucia Eames’s work, whether of metal or paper. Two designs stand out: Heart Table—with a single heart bound by a narrow circular band interplaying with the resultant negative space—and Seeing with the Heart—originally a cutout to be used as a paperweight, ornament or table decor, and […]


Lucia Eames explored a series of symbolic motifs throughout her drawings and cut-outs and embedded them into her metalwork;  the resultant shadows emphatically celebrated repetition of form and shape.  Wondrous, indeed, were the shadows cast by her furniture and gates perhaps most intriguing, the sinuous darkened forms thrown by her curved benches.   Note the […]