Creator By Nature

Lucia Eames delighted in combining disparate materials to create visually-rich tableaus and arrangements that incorporated plants, reflections, kite-like designs, insects and animals, all of which helped bring the outdoors inside. Obsessed with the creative process, she reworked time and again her artistic variations, looking to exhaust all artistic possibilities. Moving from San Francisco to a […]

Celebrations of Joy

Lucia Eames took every opportunity to unleash her joy of thoughtful abundance into celebrations. The merriment in Lucia’s eye and her wide-opened smile and laughter mirrored that of visitors to her home. For all events, arrangements of beautifully crafted figurines, colors and objects were matched by tabletops heaped with delicious food beautifully presented by candlelight […]

California Optimist

Lucia Eames found personal joy in assembling unlikely objects, reveling in an uplifting universe of color, shape and texture. Creativity was her state of mind, and her ingenuity was rooted in imbuing positivity in the world through her craft. Her visual vocabulary contains a wide variety of species of flora and fauna, with a particular affection for […]

Seeing With the Heart

The Eames Family presented Lucia Eames: Seeing with the Heart during Milan Design Week MILAN – June 6, 2022 – Seeing with the Heart was the first in-depth display of work created by the artist Lucia Eames (1930-2014). Seeing with the Heart offered a unique look into the life of a creator who embedded symbolic, visual emblems into […]


Artist Lucia Eames dedicated herself to family, legacy, and community, leaving her personal story largely untold. Nevertheless, throughout her life in California, she pursued and honed her own aesthetic to form a visual vocabulary of familiar motifs and abstract representations. With optimistic themes of Joy, Hope, and Celebration, Lucia embraced the wonders of the universe […]