Lucia Eames’s gates were often inspired by elements in her natural world: grasses, foliage, birds, and celestial forms; illustrated literary art, such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or a captured sensation, such as the serene, contemplative mood expressed in Zen Gate. Her gates often found different uses: swinging and closing as a protective door or […]

Metal Cutouts

Lucia Eames’s artwork often involved the incorporation of recyclable materials, scraps and what some might call “trash.” In the case of her Sunburst gates, which celebrated the power of the sun, some of the drops during fabrication were gathered and mounted on wood panels effecting a different kind of shadow than that of its counterpart—the […]

American Symbolist

Lucia Eames created art permeated with symbolic meaning. Embracing themes familiar to many, she combined and presented these symbols in different mediums – from miniature to large-scale formats, ornaments and textiles to ceramics and sculptures. The visual emblems represent the wonders of joy, hope and happiness, reminding us of the uniting power of creation. With […]

Visual Poet

Lucia Eames captured not only images of life, family and friends. She often turned her camera to tiny aspects found on surfaces, discovering micro interplays of color, pattern, textures, finishes and forms. A spider’s web or budding leaves and flowers or a swirl within ice became sceneries of exploration to delight in the details seen […]

Sustainable Aesthete

Lucia Eames’ reuse and repurposing of materials was prodigious. Her formidable collection of steamed-off labels served as lessons in graphic design while the shiny silver linings of Carnation Instant Breakfast packets were magically elevated into studies for sculptures. Magazine pages and brown paper wrappers were uplifted into a myriad of differently-conceived butterflies and strips of […]